Water Features

water feature

Enjoy the tranquil and relaxing sounds and movement of flowing water in your landscape by adding fountains, waterfalls, streams, fish ponds and pond-less waterfalls. Eastern Sky Landscaping professionals can transform a landscape into something special, from a water fountain to a calming water pond or a breathtaking waterfall. The gentle sound of moving water is relaxing; in fact, water features lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels. The beauty of water features is aesthetically pleasing in outdoor spaces, and ponds are mini-ecosystems that provide a wildlife habitat in your own backyard. Whether you have water trickling over boulders or river rocks meandering over a slope and emptying into a pond where koi are hiding under lily pads, you will enjoy every moment spent in quiet contemplation beside this striking d├ęcor in your garden.


  • Do you want a child-friendly water feature?
  • What kind of ambiance do you want? Natural? Formal?
  • Do you want plant material included?
  • Consider the sound of the water and how loud or soft you want it to be when it falls (trickling, gushing, etc.).
  • Do you want fish or wildlife using it?
  • Where should the water feature be placed, and will a water source be added?

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