Walkways and Steps


Walkways are another place where form and function come together. They often direct people towards points of interest, such as a unique shrub or plant group, a sitting area or the entrance to your home. The most common use of your walkways will dictate the type of walk you need. They can be constructed from the same materials used for your patio or deck to tie your hardscape items together, or you can choose a natural stone for a more eclectic look.

Questions to Consider

  • Do you want a design or a straight walkway?
  • Do you have steps or a landing that you want to incorporate?
  • Do you want lighting?
  • Have you thought about which material you want to use? (Pavers, Natural Stone, Cut Stone, Flagstone, Mexican Beach Pebble or River Rocks)
  • Have you figured out what style you like? (Keep in mind the style of your home for a cohesive look.)

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